Wonderful Scenes Everywhere

We are constantly amazed at the beauty of the landscape as we travel across the USA. Whether it’s the coastal towns of Connecticut or the cityscapes of New York, there are wonderful scenes everywhere. The Jersey shore did not disappoint and as the guys moved west towards Philadephia they marveled at the rolling hills of Pennslyvania. Not an easy terrain for cycling but very beautiful to ride through.

As we crossed over to Maryland and through West Virginia, the rolling hills became a bit flatter but retained their beauty as our surroundings transformed into lovely miles of wooded forests. Ohio and Indiana have pristine farmlands with picturesque silos and red barns dotting the horizon.  Illinois has similar landscapes but also include giant silos and acres upon acres of corn and soybean fields.

State after state offers its own beauty and makes this trip so special. This is a beautiful land and it inspires us every day!

From here to a cure,