The “Show Me” State

Kindness is a word that rings true in Missouri and is certainly what we have received every single day here.

Both Jamie and Kelly have family in St. Louis and they have treated us like royalty. In fact, Kelly was born in Mexico, Missouri and her family extends across the whole state. From the moment we crossed the Mississippi we have been treated to every meal, every adventure, and every night’s stay. While we tried to argue, we were overruled and told that is just the way things are done here and that kindness prevails.

What a gift to us to be surrounded by this generosity of spirit. It often moves Alec and me to tears to feel the compassion and support from so many new friends. It’s a bond of understanding our experience and an effort in any way possible to help us. From Melvin, the tow truck driver who saved us when we had a flat, drove us 20 miles to the Firestone shop and refused to charge us. To the Williams/Condron family members that have embraced us with open arms and made us part of their clan.

Here in Missouri, the “Show Me” state, kindness is just the way things are done!!

Frome here to a cure,