On the Way to Columbus, OH

It was not just the heavy, dense fog that we awoke to that made Gina and me apprehensive about the boys’ ride yesterday.

Already hot at 7:30am, it was going to be in the high 90s by mid-afternoon. An 8:15am Zoom interview with an Indianapolis channel posed a few technical challenges, but when we learned the reporter had a 4-month-old boy named Julian, all was good. 

Jamie had a tire issue the day before, but it seemed resolved, so off they went after we warned them several times to hydrate!!

Well, while there were no serious injuries, it was a challenging day for the guys. Two flats for Alec, oppressive heat, heavy rainstorms, and racing to make a 4pm interview in Columbus. All went well, though Alec did have to pick up a ride for the last 4 miles, and then we had a lot of fun at the BrewDog meeting up with the local IBMers and the Major Taylor Cycling Club. What a great group of new friends.

Gina and I loved the Columbus Museum of Art, where we spent a couple of hours viewing American Art, which included a fabulous exhibit of Aminah Brenda Robinson’s work. Robinson is a local African American artist whose work spans many genres including large scale paintings that use pieces of fabric and tons of buttons, wood carvings, and writings. We were captivated by her skill and innovation.

The Lennox family were our generous hosts last night. Tom is the founder of Pelotonia, a formidable local cancer fundraiser – check them out! They are also the parents of a Santa Clara sophomore on the Broncos water polo team. It will be hard to go back to the Comfort Inn after the hospitality we enjoyed with the Lennoxs!

Learning there is a surprise around every corner. Let’s find a cure together!

From here to a cure,