Alec and Jamie’s day started with a beautiful, foggy morning ride through pristine farmlands. They were able to get in 60 miles before they hit a heavy downpour and had to call it a day. That call came into the support van at 3pm to come to the rescue, and so we did.

After a busy morning of exploration, the Coast-to-Coast van team was once again ready to hit the road. Gina and I had explored The Ohio State University campus and spent some time relaxing in the Oval after a delicious lunch at the Wexler Center of the Arts. While the Center was in between exhibits, we still found plenty to do.

I love spending time on a college campus. There is nothing as exciting as being surrounded by young people crossing the green to their next class. I like to wonder what they might be studying. In fact, my family often teases me about being the quintessential teacher’s pet in tour groups where I follow closely behind the tour guide and always have lots of questions. Let’s support our university cancer research centers where scientists are moving the needle forward on cancer treatments.

From here to a cure,