Heroes On Wheels

Every day, as Alec and Jamie head out, I say “Have fun, stay safe,” It’s been my mantra hoping it keeps them safe as they enjoy their ride, the beautiful scenery, and stay safe!

Their rides have been amazing as they traveled on old rail trails during the first month in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland. Later in Missouri, they continued on the Katy trail which was sheltered and safe. One day though, they did have a lot of rain and they both emerged completely covered in mud, hardly able to move. The surface of the trail is limestone and when it rained they were covered with it and it became like concrete. Not so easy, but they are amazing and nothing stops Alec and Jamie!

Kansas was another story as they emerged from their scenic protected ride to a surface that is rugged and jagged. Often they had to split up as Jamie preferred the gravel roads and Alec, with his road bike, kept to the asphalt. The temperatures and the distances were in the 100s and there was no shade to be found. But Alec and Jamie are warriors and they kept on going through harsh conditions and the strong winds of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. 

Idaho and Oregon have had their own challenges, which included no cell coverage for miles upon miles. It is a little nerve-racking to send them off at the start of the day knowing I may not be able to reach them for hours.

They have made it through the steep inclines and huge climbs of thousands of feet, against the prevailing winds and diminishing shoulders. But hardest of all is battling the tractor-trailers that pull double loads roaring past at 70 miles per hour. They are really heroes on their bikes cycling forward to help find a cure.

And we will continue to start our day with the “Have fun, stay safe” to wish them the best as they head off! 

From here to a cure,