From Pittsburgh, PA to Wheeling, WV

A long day for Jamie and Alec. 

They started in Pittsburgh which is a really bike-friendly city. There are lots of bike paths that criss-cross the city and the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) that allows bikers to ride all the way from Cumberland to Pittsburgh.

Beyond Pittsburgh and the end of the GAP, they were back on roads and the elevation quickly grew more steep crossing the rolling hills of PA into West Virginia. When they arrived in Wheeling, completely exhausted, they still had to climb to the hotel, which was straight up at the top of a hill. An early dinner at a wonderful local restaurant fully rejuvenated them. If you’re ever in Wheeling, WV check out LaterAlligator, they serve fabulous food.

Gina and I had a wonderful morning visiting the Andy Warhol Museum. Andy was born and raised in Pittsburgh and studied at Carnegie Mellon University. Filled with diverse art forms that Warhol created throughout his life, it is a must-visit when in the city. 

The support for our cause is moving. The young woman that checked us in at the Springhill Suites was curious about the Cycle and wanted to know more. When the boys arrived parched, she quickly offers two huge cold bottles of water – on the house. Together we will find a cure!!!

From here to a cure,