Today’s Theme: Friendship

It’s funny, but I feel like Julian sends me the theme for the day’s blog and today it is friendship.

Alec and Jamie are just at the start of an epic ride covering 4,650 miles and over 68 days. Alec’s determination to do this ride cross country has never wavered, and Jamie’s commitment to do it with him never once flattered, either. They are both lucky to be able to take the time to do it, but the goal is lofty, and the road is hard. This week Alec has had two flats and lost a derailleur, which has impacted them equally. What goes wrong for one goes wrong for the other.

Today they encountered deep mud on the trail, which slowed their progress. Jamie has the better bike for the conditions but they finished together in Cumberland at the end point of the Chesapeake and Ohio canal trail. They are friends in this together.

It’s this way when battling cancer. It’s a life-changing battle receiving the tough diagnosis and undergoing treatment that is debilitating. Yet having a friend that sticks by you and supports you makes it bearable. It’s not an easy task for that friend, but it makes all the difference.

From here to a cure,