Day 5 on the road!

Today was a long one for Alec and Jamie. Their 75 mile day started with a very big hill, a little later than usual because of a quick tour of the Gettysburg battlefields. A whole day at Gettysburg would have been nice (both Civil War history buffs), but the heat of the day was coming. So they headed off a little after 9am. It was (luckily) after conquering the hill that Alec’s derailleur gave out and they had to call for a van rescue. Gina and I were not far, so quickly arrived with Alec’s spare bike. After a brief stop, the riders pedaled on to the scheduled stop in Hancock, MD.

The countryside between Gettysburg and Hancock is beautiful, rolling hills covered with farms and pastures. We are inspired to keep on our journey – small bumps along the way may slow us down but we will persevere!

From here to a cure!