Hello All – Day 4! [First Post!]

Writing from Gettysburg as we wait for Alec and Jamie to arrive. We started the day in Lancaster and they have been biking through a lot of heavy rain. I am told that tropical storm Fred is in the neighborhood, though that wasn’t the only hiccup today! Alec had two flat tires and finally had to stop at a local bike shop for repairs.

Gina and I went for a walk through the battlefields, which are very moving. I feel as though this is such an appropriate place for us to visit, as I have been reflecting on how many young men were lost here, how many lives were cut short, and how many loved ones were impacted over those three critical days in July of 1863. However, with hindsight, the battle of Gettysburg was a pivotal battle that helped the Union and ended slavery. These are hallowed grounds and we feel honored to pass through here.  Our battle is different but also important. 

           Hoping for better weather tomorrow!