All Our Angels

It’s all about our angels.  The angels that inspire us, the ones we fight for and those that motivate us to go the extra yard. The family members that are battling cancer or who are in remission but fear the next scan for what it might bring. And also the many friends who have been told they have cancer and want advice on where to go, what doctor to trust, and what to expect.

Other angels are the ones that support us and make the journey possible. It’s the friends and family that host us along the way, providing meals and comfortable lodgings. They are the ones that make sure we know the best route to take and where to stop to rest or eat. The angels that send money to help us cover costs or make sure that our meals are paid for so we can give more to cancer research.

And the third type of angel is the one we have encountered during our travels. The stranger that just wants to help and or has been touched by cancer so that they are driven to assist in any way possible. My heart sings when we meet these angels. Their kindness is so great because it’s out of selfless generosity. The Rogers, the Melvins, the little old ladies in the Dairy Queen, Nancy at the Holiday Inn Express, Palmer at The Pathfinder bike shop, Kent of Team Schank and so many more.

We continue on our journey soaring on angel’s wings!

From here to a cure,