97.5 Miles and Antiquing!

I thought that yesterday was a long day for the boys. Was I wrong…

Today’s 97.5 miles were not only impressive because of the length of the ride but also because Alec took an interview with American Lawyer on a bench in Rix Mills, Ohio after 80 miles. Also, their departure was delayed as they waited for the heavy fog to lift and improve visibility. As a result, they rode through the hottest part of the day. When they arrived they were sweaty, dirty, and tired but happy. Go, boys!!

Gina and I explored the town of Wheeling, West Virginia. It holds a number of wonderful antique stores filled with treasures from the past. Gina and I ran around picking up so many objects that were part of our past. The flour shifter that one cranked, the hand mixer also with a crank, and many lovely quilts. What a treat to find such a lovely town as we cross the country!!

Together we can help find a cure!!

From here to a cure,