88 miles, 90 degrees, Off-Piste

How amazing are they? The day was fiercely hot and even though they started early, Alec and Jamie had to ride in 90-degree PLUS temperatures all day. There weren’t even any clouds to block the powerful rays of the sun. And while the ride was flat, 88 miles from Indianapolis to Terre Haute is still a long way. 

Today was also the first time the guys rode off-piste, meaning they are no longer on bike trails. Riding on the backroads is problematic because of truck and car traffic, but also the guys have to navigate via Google Maps, which is somewhat unreliable. Gravel, road debris, mud and road closures are an ever-present problem as well. 

A tough, challenging day, but they still arrived happy (and exhausted) and ready to ride again tomorrow.

A slow day for me moving on to Terre Haute, IN. Terre Haute is the site of Indiana State University, so I explored both the town and the campus. There are wonderful old buildings in the area surrounding the school. We had dinner at a great old brewery named M. Mogger’s Restaurant & Pub which serves over 100 different beers and is the home of the original Champagne Velvet beer. Who knew?

On to Effingham, Illinois tomorrow.

From here to a cure,